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TOOLZ – Multi Resistance Trainer

  • Extra strong tube with shoulder strap and PVC handle
  • Size-adjustable belt – Any size possible
  • rope length: 2,20m
  • 360° use – possibility to run in any direction
  • Partner needed for each exercise
  • Practical to transport in a bag
  • Material: rubber tube and PVC handles

Areas of application for training:

  • Perfect for sprinting and endurance training.
  • Size-adjustable belt is simply attached to the body
  • Appropriate resistance is exerted on the body
  • Partner may vary resistance
  • Improvement of the leg muscles through various exercises
  • Sprint / Endurance / Jumping Power
  • Due to its 360° use, changes of direction can also be performed well
  • To be used for every kind of sport

Further information:

The TOOLZ Multi Resistance Trainer is a universally applicable piece of sports equipment designed for sprint and endurance training. Quickly tighten the size-adjustable belt and tighten the tube to start training immediately with the help of a partner. The partner puts the resistance on the running person and can thus determine how hard he has it. The more power the partner exerts on the flexible tube, the more difficult it becomes for the runner to make progress.

The newly developed TOOLZ training device can be used universally for all sports, as sprint and endurance skills are advantageous in almost every sport. You can vary between different training exercises, e.g. short sprints, jumping power, quick changes of direction. It is also possible to cover long distances with a low resistance. Also in terms of safety, the Multi Resistance Trainer I don’t want to raise any objections. Padded shoulder straps and handles offer a high standard.

The Multi Resistance Trainer isa universal training device, which is mostly used to improve the sprint and jump characteristics.

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